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Due diligence coordination

Common sense and back to the basics approach is our leitmotiv.
Due diligence is an obligatory step in all Merger & Acquisition files. A first proxy can be given by using financial multiples. The real valuation and profitability of a business is teamwork and should be coordinated and managed.
The scope of works is, in a nutshell:

1. Preparation, desk top research,
2. Coordination of technical, experts, legal and financial – tax teams,
3. Data room, management meetings, site visits and Q&A workflow management,
4. Construction of long-term business plan - model  for financial valuation,
5. Production of a book of assumptions and investor documentation.

Basic financial values (OPEX, CAPEX ;. . ) are given in real terms (inflation not included).

No sky is the limit objectives or business plans. A wrong acquisition, bad integration plans remains always a handicap for the future.