The most needed equipment are the drones.

Other are camera's.

Auxilary equipments are also needed for operations

Drone (RPAS)

We currently are operating 3 drones with various configurations

The main drones are:

Drone                Belgian ID MTOW (kg) Class
DJI M600           OO-13HH         15     1A
DJI Mavic pro    OO-12LO           0.8   2
DJI F550           OO-13GJ            2.5   n.a.

The drones have the needed batteries to operate 1 hour, waiting time before next 1 hour flight is currently 30 minutes.


The Mavic Pro has a fixed camera, 12 MPixels, 4K capacity,

On the M600, several camera's can be mounted. Currently we are using X5 Camera, 16 MPixels, 4K capable,

We use Mikon J5 camera with a series of lenses,focal distance full frame equivallent 19 to 900 mm.


Power generator for charging batteries on remote locations,

Second controller to dispatch immages on line to control vehicles,

Safety equipment,


Before able to start, substantial investments are needed. 

We are fully equiped to make ever project successful